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Preseason BlogPoll Ballot, Draft 1

I'm not in love with preseason polls, for obvious, frequently articulated reasons, but the members of the BlogPoll are gearing up for our annual stab at the preseason ordering of teams. Methodologically speaking, as someone who's come around to leaning heavily on resume for ranking, this is the hardest one of the year.

With that in mind, please note that this is Preseason Ballot Draft. BlogPollers are submitting ballots today, looking at the composite results, and opening the floor for discussion. A final, official preseason ballot will be compiled a week from now.

Before I give this year's preseason ranks a first go, a quick tour of, gulp, last year's submission.

The Good There's not much good stuff here, at least at the top. Louisville at #7 was about as close as I got in the top ten. Beyond that, West Virginia, Nebraska, Boston College, and TCU were all pegged about right.

The Bad Um, everything else? Texas at #1 was, as noted at the time, a homerific nod to the champs. I was convinced we'd beat Ohio State, and if that had happened, it've looked mighty good. 'Specially if McCoy doesn't get hurt. As is, the wheels came off and Texas' post-VY weaknesses were exposed.

Auburn and Notre Dame were woefully overrated, while Iowa at #5 was just criminal. I blame Brian, who hyped 'em all the way up to #2.

And now, 2007:

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 25
2 West Virginia 24
3 Michigan 23
4 Texas 22
5 LSU 21
6 Oklahoma 20
7 Hawaii 19
8 Louisville 18
9 Florida 17
10 Virginia Tech 16
11 Florida State 15
12 Penn State 14
13 Ohio State 13
14 South Carolina 12
15 Alabama 11
16 Missouri 10
17 Oregon 9
18 Texas A&M 8
19 Tennessee 7
20 Oklahoma State 6
21 Wisconsin 5
22 Georgia 4
23 UCLA 3
24 TCU 2
25 California 1

Dropped Out:

Remember, this is a draft. This is your time to use the comments. Debate, argue, tell me I'm dumb. Let's start the discussion.