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Sam Bradford: Newest Enemy of the Nation

Josh Huepel, Jason White, Rhett Bomar (snicker), Paul Thompson. Texas fans will forever recognize those names because we hate Oklahoma. Deeply. And now, a new name to add to the list: Sam Bradford.

The Evil One named Bradford the team's starting quarterback for the season opener after the redshirt freshman tortured the Oklahoma defense during their fall scrimmage. Bradford beat out Joey Halzle and Keith Nicholl for the job.

Longhorn fans may want to enjoy the prospects of facing an OU team quarterbacked by a redshirt freshman, but Colt McCoy's historic redshirt freshman season make a wait-and-see approach more prudent. Redshirt freshmen don't usually play great football, but some are more ready than others.

Bradford is a 6-4, 210 pound quarterback from Oklahoma City who signed with the Sooners in 2006. In high school, Bradford completed 59% of his passes his senior year, including 19 touchdowns. However, he threw 15 picks, an incredibly high number at any level, but especially in high school.

Bradford sees himself as a quarterback in the mold of Oklahoma's last Heisman Trophy winner. "I see myself almost like Jason White. I'm a dropback passer who likes to stay in the pocket. But if I need to make plays with my feet, I'm comfortable throwing on the run."

White, you assuredly remember, absolutely torched Texas during his stay as quarterback for OU. His ability to make plays with his feet, throwing and running, befuddled Texas, especially during White's 2003 Heisman Trophy season. 65-13 anyone?

If Bradford is anything like White, the Sooners should have a vastly improved offense from a year ago. Still, the jury is very much out on Bradford. Playing well in a scrimmage is a good sign, but it's not the same as a real game. And it's definitely not the Red River Shootout.

Bradford will get five tuneup games (assuming he keeps the job) before the big showdown October 6th.

Y'all getting excited yet?