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Texas-Arkansas State Pay Per View Details Announced

As reluctant as I am to pay $30+ for any televised event, I must say, I've been sweating bullets about not getting to see the Longhorns' season opener against Arkansas State. Alas, no more, as pay-per-view details on next Saturday's game have beeen released. From MB-TF:

The Texas-Arkansas State game on Saturday, Sept. 1, at 6 p.m. CT will be televised live on pay-per-view by Big 12 Special Order Sports, FSN Southwest's pay-per-view division. It will be available on participating cable television systems in Texas and Arkansas, and nationwide to satellite dish customers. Suggested retail price is $29.95. A list of participating programming providers carrying the PPV telecast will be announced next week. Fans should check with their local programming provider for availability in their area.

I'm a Dish Network satellite subscriber, which means I'll have the pleasure of shelling out 30 bucks to catch the game. Non-satellite cable subscribers outside Texas and Arkansas, however, will have trouble catching this game.

The Texas press release is quick to note that it's not their fault that the game must be seen on pay-per-view. From the official release:

The game is being televised on pay-per-view because it wasn't selected for over-the-air broadcast or cable television coverage. Under conference TV rules, games not picked up for regular television distribution can only be televised live on pay-per-view, giving fans the option to watch a game they otherwise wouldn't be able to see.

Of course, I'd be remiss not to note that this game was not selected by anyone for broadcast because we scheduled such a lousy opponent. I'm just sayin...