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Final Depth Chart Projection: Offense

Way back at the beginning of June, we took a stab at projecting the offensive depth chart. Now, finally, the Texas staff has announced that they will release on Monday morning the official depth chart for Arkansas State. Let's take a look at June's depth chart projection and note what might have changed since then.

BON June Projected Depth Chart: Offense


QB McCoy is of course still your starter, but Sherrod Harris' injury moves Chiles to the #2 spot while Harris recovers. Considering the stated importance of getting the backup meaningful snaps this season, Chiles will see the playing field against Arkansas State. It's tough to figure what happens to Harris now, though a lot of it probably depends on his timetable for a full recovery. He's missed over a dozen practices now, which means sliding back into the #2 slot is an uphill climb.

RB No change. Vondrell McGee has played so well during fall camp that he and Ogbonnaya will likely split the backup carries. This is as strong a trio of running backs as Texas has boasted since the 2005 Rose Bowl, when JC, a healthy Selvin, and Ramonce Taylor were taking turns running alongside VY.

TE No change. Jermichael Finley's the main man, and Greg Davis will likely use some 2 TE sets, keeping Ullman in to block while releasing Finley down the field for receptions. Blaine Irby is a talented young player, and if injury befalls either Finley or Ullman, the coaches won't hesitate to burn his redshirt.

Flanker Pittman's out with a shoulder injury, which means Nate Jones is a probable starter. That's hardly a bad thing, as he's had as good a fall camp as any receiver on the team.

Sub B Wideout This is Quan's job, and I expect he and Colt to pick up a lot of first downs together. Look for James Kirkendoll, a true freshman, to make the two-deep and be used in this role. Kid can really burn.

Split End The million dollar question on this team right now concerns the injury to Limas Sweed's wrist. How hurt is he? Pray, pray, pray that he's fine. I'm sure he'll play, regardless, but we need him at 100%. Keep an eye on true freshman Malcolm Williams, a 6-3 beast of a receiver who will be groomed to take over for Limas after graduation. I fully expect him to play this season.

LT Senior Tony Hills will protect Colt's blind side, while true freshman Tray Allen will likely be his backup. If that sounds a little scary to you, it should, but try to remember just how VHT Allen is. He wasn't labeled the state's best OL prospect in a decade for nothing.

LG We projected Chris Hall to win this job, and he has. Not only has he won the job, he's elevated his game to a point where Mac McWhorter and Greg Davis are downright raving about his performance. Charlie Tanner will still play behind Hall.

C Senior Dallas Griffin is still your starter, but it's important to remember that the team is grooming Buck Burnette to be the 2008 starter, so he'll be getting significant minutes as well. Burnette reportedly suffered a concussion this summer, so keep an eye on his injury status. Texas desperately needs him to be ready for games this fall.

RG One of the most important developments of the summer was Cedric Dockery's rehab from knee surgery, and he's reportedly all the way back. Terrific news for Texas, if true. Dockery was playing terrific football before he went down against OU; if he's fine for the fall, Texas' line is in much better shape than pessimists will have you believe. Backing up Dockery will likely be true freshman Michael Huey. This isn't so much an indictment of depth as it is a statement of Huey's competence. He's big, mean, and as technically sound as any freshman lineman to roll through Texas.

RT Adam Ulatoski was rather rudely inserted into the starting lineup last season when Dockery went down. He wasn't quite ready to be a full-time starter, but the on-the-job training - problematic last season - puts Texas in a better spot in 2007. Ulatoski has the size and strength to excel at the position, and he's reportedly improved his footwork and technical mastery of the position. The tackle spots are a problem depth-wise, but if the starters do stay healthy? It's a team strength. It's unclear who will back up Ulatoski at this point. Britt Mitchell and Kyle Hix are in the mix.