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Countdown To Football Season: 5 Days

Our daily countdown to the return of Texas football continues with yet another reason to love the fall in Austin.

A Sooner on the Longhorn countdown? I'm afraid so. Not that I particularly admire the player pictured above - Lord knows I don't. No, Malcolm Kelly is pictured today because he stands at six-feet four-inches tall. A full five inches taller than both Brandon Foster and Ryan Palmer who, today, were listed as Texas' starting cornerbacks.

And really, five inches might be generous. Palmer and Foster are both listed at 5-10.

I'm not one to forecast doom and gloom before we've even seen any action on the field, but it's truly hard to imagine a happy ending to this story if Texas plays Palmer and Foster together all year. For now, we note that the depth chart released today is for Arkansas State and no more.