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Open Depth Chart Thread

Mack Brown will release the depth chart this morning. My previews are below, but they're assuredly imperfect.

Keep your eyes on MB-TF for the release of the depth chart and post your reactions here. Mack Brown will have a press conference live at 11:00 AM, which you can watch online.

Update [2007-8-27 12:42:39 by HornsFan]: The depth chart has been released. A few quick notes:

*It looks like the team is holding out Cedric Dockery for the first game, as Tanner and Hall are listed as the starters. Dockery is listed in an "or" situation with Hall, but this looks like the team isn't particularly eager to use Dockery more than they have to. Probably wise.

*Curtis Brown is on the two deep behind Brandon Foster. If the fifth year senior wasn't feeling pressure already, he is now. It's a pretty rare thing to see a true freshman cornerback on the two deep for week one.

*Ryan Palmer is starting, too? What? Really? Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum? This is scary. Lord knows both shouldn't be out there together. I hope this is an honorary title for the veterans, and not The Plan. Ugh.

*Rodderick Muckelroy is paired with Scott Derry at the WLB position. They've been cross-training both Derry and Muck, though, so either could potentially shift over to take Kill's job as well. Barring any setbacks, Kindle will slide into this mix after he serves his three-game suspension.

*Nate Jones replaces Limas Sweed, as expected. True freshmen Brandon Collins and James Kirkendoll make the two-deep as backups. Again no surprise - both have had tremendous camps.

*With all the injuries at receiver, Texas is listing the fullback as a starter, with only two wideouts. I hope they feel this is a necessity, and not a shift in philosophy to an under-center I-formation approach to the offense. If/once Sweed is healthy, I sure hope Texas emphasizes the pass like they should.

*I'm happy to see Vondrell McGee on kick return duty. I thought it made sense when I thought through it this summer, and the coaches apparently agree - great way to get this kid on the field and touching the football.

*More thorough reaction later this evening. Your own thoughts and questions in the comment thread below.

Update [2007-8-27 12:59:31 by HornsFan]: Mack Brown has told reporters that Roy Miller, Rodderick Muckelroy and Drew Kelson are "rotating starters," meaning they will start every other game with the person they're paired with. Interesting.

Update [2007-8-27 13:3:26 by HornsFan]: More on this later tonight, but you can put - in ink - an extremely conservative offensive gameplan against Arkansas State. That's not necessarily the wrong thing to do, but let's manage our expectations ahead of time. Texas is going to pound the ball on the ground. A lot.