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BON Weekly College Pick 'Em League

Back by popular demand, tonight we launch the 2007 BON weekly pick 'em league. The format is simple:

  1. Go to the ESPN sign up page.
  1. Click to join a private group
  1. Find the private group 'Burnt Orange Nation'
  1. Join the group, with password: 'texasfight'
  1. Pick winners

As with last year, we'll have prizes for the winners.

1st Place: BON T-shirt, $50 gift certificate to the UT Co-Op, plus a copy of Longhorn Football: An Illustrated History [If non-Texas fan wins, an equivalent prize will be negotiated.]

2nd Place: BON T-shirt, $25 gift certificate to UT Co-Op (or equivalent team store)

3rd Pace: BON T-shirt

Please note: If BON owes you a t-shirt for a past contest win, please email me ASAP. I think I'm all caught up on getting out t-shirts, but I may have missed someone. Don't hesitate to remind me. And forgive my (probably extreme) tardiness.