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Morning Coffee Is A Fugitive

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A quick note before I get started on a busy day.

Fallout from the Andre Jones arrest: Cedric Goldman, Austin American-Statesman: Mack needs to take action, Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle: Arrest count: defense 4, offense 0, Chip Brown, Dallas Morning News: Timeline of UT arrest troubles, Geoff Ketchum, Orangebloods: This could have long-term consequences for the program ($).

Whatever your opinion of how Mack Brown should handle this, there's no denying that Texas is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons right now. One of the things I hear some people say is that once the season starts, this won't be something that hangs over the season.

Maybe, but as a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I can assure you from recent history that a long series of bad summer headlines can and does carry over at times. The Texas football program is as strong as any in the country, but we can't sugarcoat what's happened this summer - this is as close to crisis as Mack Brown has ever been.