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It Could Be Worse

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I went over to Aggie Yell, the Texas A&M Rivals site, to check out the reaction to Andre Jones' arrest. Unsurprisingly, there was lots of hooing and hawing over Texas' problems - about what I expected.

Tough as it was to read, I worked my way through the message board and stumbled across a thread on Vince Young's training camp scuffle, in which he got physical with a Titan defender for tackling too rough with his wide receivers.

I expected a bunch of lame comments, but I was greeted instead with a loud reminder that even with our recent arrest problems, things could be much worse. We could have a fanbase that's in part comprised of people like this:

Nice work by the AggieYell moderators in letting that kind of hate speech fly, and kudos to the Aggie fans for being such outstanding examples of Lack Of Social Progress.

Gig 'em, guys.