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Morning Coffee

A couple quick notes before I run to class and then the golf course. We'll dive into Arkansas State previews, as well as a general look at the week in CFB, tonight.

I got an email from a reader today claiming to know that Gary Johnson, a power forward from Houston, has been cleared to play hoops for Texas this fall. I poked around trying to confirm, but could not, so we'll have to take it as just that right now - a rumor.

Obviously, the important thing in matters like this is the health of the player, so that's my primary concern, but I have to admit a small fist pump when I heard that Johnson may be playing for the 'Horns this winter.

One of my big talking points from last season is popping up in several Big 12 preview stories heading into 2007. First, Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express-News notes the improved depth and experience at quarterback across the conference heading into this year, while Chip Brown points out that six underclassmen quarterbacked Big 12 squads a year ago.

Of course, it's not just enough to be a year older. Players must also develop, which is why we'll be watching closely as players like Josh Freeman, Chase Daniels, Graham Harrell, and Bobby Reid try to take a big step forward this year.

Suzanne Haliburton's football notebook in the AAS has a few interesting nuggets: First, the coaches have yet to decide on whether Trevor Gerland or Justin Moore will be handling the primary punting duties this week. It shouldn't matter too much in week one, but if Texas gets in a defensive struggle with TCU, that kind of things can play a significant role.

Second, both Dish Network and DirecTV have confirmed they will carry the Texas game on pay-per-view this Saturday. In Austin, Time Warner digital cable subscribers will also be able to purchase the game. I subscribe to Dish Network, so I'm in the clear, but you may want to call your cable provider ahead of time if you're out of the area and unsure about game availability.

Last, Ken Rucker underwent a successful first surgery for prostate cancer. Best to him and his family during these procedures. Best of luck, sir.