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Morning Coffee Returns For Seconds

As is annual tradition here at BON, we fulfill our Title IX obligations with a nod to the young ladies who inspire such fervent fandom among the burnt orange masses.

Selvin Young, undrafted by NFL teams this April, has not only made the Denver Broncos as a free agent signee, he's earned the #2 tailback job. Couldn't happen to a nicer kid. Congratulations to Selvin and best of luck.

Further pay-per-view programming information on Saturday's game is now available, per MB-TF. The channel lineup is as follows:

This was mentioned in the diaries, but bears repeating: Texas has added Ole Miss to the 2012 and 2013 football seasons. The '12 game will be in Oxford, with Ole Miss traveling to Austin in 2013. The Rebels haven't made much noise in the SEC of late, but this is still an addition I'm happy to see. At the very least, it's a road trip worth taking, to play a school with fans who care about the game. Good enough for me.

SBN's Texas A&M blogger is hosting a weekly pick 'em. I mention this because the first prize is a $200 bottle of liquor, of course.

Speaking of which, if you've not signed up yet for the BON weekly league, do so now. If you're already registered, don't forget to make your picks by 11:00 AM Saturday.