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Morning Coffee Wishes Coach Rucker The Best

University of Texas Running Backs Coack Ken Rucker has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will take a leave of absence from the team for treatment. Rucker is scheduled for surgery August 27th. Doctors have said that early detection of the cancer makes his chances of a full recovery excellent. For his part, Rucker remains upbeat: "I plan to be back this season. No doubt about it; 100 percent."

Keep Coach Rucker in your thoughts and prayers as he begins treatment.

For those interested in player reactions to the off-field incidents in the program, transcripts are available from their Sunday presser. As is expected, the seniors are preaching about the incidents bringing the family closer together. That's good to hear and, perhaps, the only potential silver lining to this. There was a bit of a vacuum in the program after Vince left last year. The only potentially good thing to come about from these arrests is some passion, leadership, and emotional rallying within the program.

Suzanne Haliburton has a Jamaal Charles feature, in which he talks about his work in the weight room and how he hopes it'll pay off this season. The most interesting quote comes at the end of the article, when Charles says, "If we're in the national championship game, it's because our running game is off the charts."

On the one hand, JC is right. If Texas is running the ball extremely well, this offense is going to be one of the best we've seen at Texas. On the other hand, I tend to think if Texas' running game is going to succeed this season, it'll be in large part because the passing game is so deadly effective. Either way - a strong running game would go a long way towards helping this team get back to the Big 12 Championship Game.

A reminder: today and tomorr's practices are open to the public. Evening engagements will prevent me from attending, but if anyone in the Austin area attends, please give us your report in the Diaries. Neither practice will feature pads or contact, so we won't get to see the big boys work, but it's fun to see everyone out there as fall practice gets underway. The fall scrimmage will be Saturday, August 18th at 7 am.