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Community Projection: Quan Cosby

And now for a look at Quan Cosby, flanker extraordinaire and a favorite target of young Colt McCoy in 2006. What should we expect from the most senior member of Texas' 2007 team?

Cosby finished last season second on the team in receptions (45) and yards (525). If the comfort level displayed between Cosby and McCoy against Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Iowa (McCoy's last three healthy games) is any indication, though, Cosby could well have a record-setting season for the Longhorns.

I speculated this summer that Cosby could challenge Texas' single-season receptions mark, but looking at the record book, that seems like an overshot. Kwame Cavil's 100 catches in 1999 is going to be incredibly hard to match. By anyone. In any year.

The next-best mark, though (70 catches - Roy Williams, 2003) is reachable, especially if Texas were to play in the Big 12 title game. Even if they didn't, Cosby could average 6 catches per game and surpass Williams' production.

Is there reason to think that he will? It certainly wouldn't shock me - I'll say that. Cosby proved himself a vacuum for McCoy passes in the soft underneath spots of opposing zones. And, of course, he's often the guy who gets the reception on Texas fans' favorite play, the bubble screen.

Given McCoy's comfort level finding Cosby when nothing looks good downfield, I expect a tremendous season from Cosby that easily puts him into the top 10 for single-season receptions.

Quan Cosby 2007 Projection: 65 catches, 780 yards, 4 TDs

Thoughts? Your own projections?