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Morning Coffee Reminds You You're Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Let's start with Andre Jones, who was released from jail on bond yesterday. Jones' attorney claims that the case is one of mistaken identity, that Jones was not with Robert Joseph during the alleged assault, and that his client has an alibi.

This isn't the first time we've heard that Jones is innocent - on the day Jones turned himself in, his mother very loudly denied that her son could have been involved. Yes, it's his mother, but I remember noting how emphatic she was that he was innocent and this would eventually come out.

Relevant to UT, Mack Brown absolutely did the right thing by suspending Jones indefinitely until the charges can be cleared. If Jones is innocent, those who identified him for arrest owe him an apology - not Mack Brown. No, if Jones is innocent, Mack Brown need only welcome him back to the family with love and support. He had no choice but to suspend Jones while these charges are investigated.

Elsewhere, Jamaal Charles is worried about his former Port Arthur teammate, Robert Joseph. "I've just been worried about him," Charles told the Houston Chronicle. "I'm not happy he's gone."

Alan Trubow has a nice feature on Derek Lokey, noting his importance to the team this season. Not only is Lokey an absolutely indomitable bull on the line, but he's proved himself useful as a boulder of a fullback in short to-go situations. Players still rave about Lokey getting up and walking off the field under his own power in Lincoln, Nebraska after he broke his leg. Here's to hoping Lokey stays on the field throughout '07.

Just in time for me to post this, reader Adam S emails with two YouTube clips covering the first and second half highlights of the 1998 Texas-Nebraska game.

Briefly: A fan takes Vince Young on a road trip... Kyle's talking about a Georgia-Texas matchup on the gridiron. You don't have to convince me... One OU fan sees two or three Texas losses this year.