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BREAKING: Ogbonnaya #2 Tailback!

Joseph Duarte's filed a note confirming that Chris Ogbonnaya is the #2 tailback for Texas.

Pardon me while I pause to do a few cartwheels...

(Okay, much better.)  Obviously, this excites me. From the Chronicle:

Chris Ogbonnaya has established himself as the No. 2 tailback in the UT backfield, running backs coach Ken Rucker said Tuesday.

Ogbonnaya, a junior from Strake Jesuit, will assume the important role of serving as the backup to Jamaal Charles. The extent of Ogbonnaya's experience at Texas: 40 rushing attempts for 158 yards and two touchdowns.

"Right now, Chris Ogbonnaya is our backup tailback," Rucker said. "We still are working the other guys and we'll figure out their roles as we go. Right now Chris has established that position coming out of spring ball.

"He's an older guy and has been very faithful and very loyal to that position and to this team. He has done a great job being a leader for us."

If you've read this site for any period of time, you know how I feel about Chris "Priest Holmes Returns" Ogbonnaya. While I think redshirt freshman Vondrell McGee's got a very bright future in front of him, I love the idea of using Ogbonnaya prominently. McGee's time will come.

Man, it's good to be talking football again.