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Just two quick notes this afternoon as real life moving crap gets in the way. Full updates this evening and tomorrow.

Now this is something you don't see every day: a player apologizing for his unit's performance the previous year. So it is with Robert Killebrew, who addressed fans' concerns about the play in 2006 from the Texas linebackers:

"As a whole team, I don't think we lived up to our expectations," senior linebacker Robert Killebrew said. "If the effort didn't show on the field, I apologize for that and we're going to try our best and make up for it."

On the one hand, the accountability is refreshing. Contrast that with, say, Michael Griffin's snippiness with fans and the media in the first half of last season, when he chastised folks in the stands who "don't know what they're talking about" for criticizing the defense's performance.

On the other hand, I'm not sure effort was the big problem last season. It's not so much that fans thought the unit wasn't trying so much as it thought the players were struggling. Rashaad Bobino was trying to shed blocks, though he often failed. Scott Derry tried to keep up in pass coverage, though he was a half step slow. And Robert Killebrew tried to be a playmaker, though he was too often out of position.

No, the issue isn't effort - it's execution. I can applaud a player for his effort (and will thumbs up Killebrew for emphasizing accountability), but once the game begins, we need both effort and execution.

The John Chiles question is heating up, as expected. Does he win the #2 job as McCoy's backup? Or does he get on the field as a wide receiver?

I will say this: if I'm Sherrod Harris and Chiles gets the #2 job, I have to think about transferring. It makes me wonder, too, whether the coaches have considered this. Passing on Harris for the backup job would probably prompt him to think his chances at playing time are too slim to stick with the program. Maybe not, but it's worth thinking about.