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Football Saturday Open Thread

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This is not just Saturday morning any more. These are not just weekends any more.

As of today, weekends are completely, totally, wholly different than they were even just a week ago. Football is back.

Lee Corso may be a penis, yes.
But it's still a better Saturday when he's around.

This is your open thread for all non-Longhorns football games today.

11:00 AM East Carolina at #8 Virginia Tech (ESPN)
2:30 PM Washington State at #9 Wisconsin (ESPN)
2:30 PM Georgia Tech at Notre Dame (NBC)
2:30 PM #15 UCLA at Stanford (FSN)
2:30 PM Nevada at #18 Nebraska (ABC)
4:30 PM Arizona at BYU (Versus)
5:45 PM Oklahoma State at #14 Georgia (ESPN2)
6:45 PM Kansas State at #17 Auburn (ESPN)
7:00 PM #20 Tennessee at #12 California (ABC)
9:15 PM Idaho at #1 USC (FSN)

*All rankings from BlogPoll

I'm headed out to tailgate and attend the ND-GT game. I'll be racing back here in time for the Longhorn game. Texas-Arkansas State comments go in the next open thread. All other CFB talk here.

Welcome home, brothers and sisters.