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Big 12 Roundtable - Where Things Stand Now

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Oklahoma blogger C&CM has put together a Big 12 Roundtable, in which us Big 12 bloggers gather round a metaphorical table and answer questions. If you've got your own thoughts, add 'em below.

1. Based on what you now know to be your team’s strengths and weaknesses - if the game is on the line, do you want your offense or defense on the field?

The offense, without question. I'm excited about what this defense might become by the end of the year, but right now, Colt McCoy's the one guy who's shown he has that killer instinct to win a game. Give him the ball and let him see what he can do with his stable of offensive weapons.

2. If you had to pick a team from the AP Top 10 for your team to play this weekend, who would you pick, and why? (OU & Texas are not options.)

Wisconsin, and it's not close. But I've beat this particular horse to death now.

3. You can take one player off your team and trade him for any player in the conference who plays the same position. Who are you taking?

Really? If only...

Uh, Kansas can have Brandon Foster. We'll take Aqib Talib.

4. Conference Power Rankings! Rank the teams in the conference from first to worst.

  1. Oklahoma
  1. Texas
  1. Missouri
  1. Nebraska
  1. Texas A&M
  1. Oklahoma State
  1. Texas Tech
  1. Kansas State
  1. Colorado
  1. Kansas
  1. Baylor
  1. Iowa State

5. Big 12 Players of the Week – Make your selections for offensive and defensive players of the week for week two.

Offensive Player of the Week: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma. I'm throwing up as I type this, yes, but he earned it. Five touchdowns and another outstanding performance. Defenses will adjust to what OU's doing, but the redshirt freshman has been absolutely phenomenal so far.

Defensive Player of the Week: Joe Mortenson, LB, Kansas.  Recorded nine tackles, including 3.5 tackles for loss, in Kansas' 62-0 win over Louisana Tech.