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#7 Volleyball at #1 Nebraska

Promoted from the diaries. --PB--

Michelle Moriarty and the Texas volleyball team travel to Lincoln to take on the top ranked, and defending national champion, Cornhuskers on Wednesday night at 7:00pm. The match will be televised on CSTV.

After dropping the season's first two matches to a very talented Penn State team (currently 6-1, with the lone loss coming in Lincoln), the Lady 'Horns rebounded with four convincing wins, including a 3-1 victory over Pepperdine. Texas looks to ride the momentum it has created over the past four matches in to Lincoln against the #1 Cornhuskers, who sit at 7-0.

My personal key to the match: passing. Nebraska has an extremely talented team all the way around. They will put some balls away. The thing that Texas must remember, though, is that they can hit with the best of them, too... if they can pass. Faucette and Hooker can't ever get going if Moriarty can't get them the ball. Moriarty can't get them the ball if the serve receive passing continues to be as inconsistent as it has been.

If Texas can be next to flawless in serve-receive, look for them to hang around with the talented Cornhuskers. I don't think it will be enough, though. I don't think this Texas team has quite found their identity. As the season progresses, the freshman will start to find their roles on the team much better, and the entire unit will come together. The rematch in Gregory should provide a much better opportunity for Texas to knock of the 'Huskers.

My prediction:

Game 1 30-25 Nebraska
Game 2 31-29 Texas
Game 3 30-28 Nebraska
Game 4 30-24 Nebraska