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Two Cents returns: Colt McCoy

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For new readers, the Two Cents segment is a dailyish thing where I ask a question and you readers discuss it, and call me an idiot.  --AR--

In PB's offensive review of the TCU game he writes:

Even in the second half, Colt wasn't as accurate as we've come to expect. His receivers made a lot of plays for him on balls that just weren't quite where they needed to be...For last night, Colt gets a passing grade, but not one of his best efforts. What he gets are bonus points for his ability to bounceback and make big plays when he had to.

There's no doubt that Colt is clutch, but he hasn't looked as sharp in general since the beginning of the season.  The question then is:

Has Colt McCoy taken a step back, either because of his injury or some other unforseen reason, or is he about to come out of his shell?