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Jamaal Charles' 134-yard effort against TCU last Saturday made him just the third Longhorn to start a season with back-to-back 100-yard games during the Mack Brown era.

The coaches are talking the talk about picking up the short yardage that's there, with quotes like, "four yards keeps you ahead of the chains." If we're being honest, though? It's a bit disingenuous for the coaches to talk about Charles picking up what's available to him. There have been far, far more plays where Charles makes something out of nothing than plays where Charles could have had four yards but messed up the play because he was looking for a big run.

Jamaal Charles has been brilliant this season, and it's not because he's lasered in on being a solid 4.0 ypc back. It's because he's a sick talent. I hope the coaches understand that most of the positives in the running game are because of Charles and his unique ability. He'd be doing even better if our scheme were any better.

There's some chance that wideout Jordan Shipley may play this Saturday against UCF. The coaches won't say for sure, but Shipley is traveling with the team and, according to Brown, is "almost there" with his recovery from a hamstring injury.

It's been easy to forget about Shipley's absence because Nate Jones has played so well, but Shipley's a rather unique talent and a guy Colt McCoy would greatly benefit from having out on the field at full strength. As good as the receivers are right now, we'd be silly to dismiss what Shipley can bring to the table.

With all that said, I'm a little skeptical, as hamstring injuries are notoriously prickly. It's not clear yet that Shipley - even were he to play - could bring to the field right away what he normally does. We can be optimistic, though: no one on the team runs better routes. The kid can play.

Chip Brown has a host of notes on the team, including:

*Colt McCoy isn't rattled by his early struggles thus far. If anything, I think Colt thrives when things don't quite go his way, so file me in the "optimist" camp. Colt completed 12 of his 16 second half passes in helping lead Texas back to a rout of TCU.

*It looks like Chris Hall will indeed slide over to right tackle in place of the injured Adam Ulatoski. I'm no O-Line expert, so I generally defer judgment to those who know better, and in this case, most think Hall's up to the task. I suppose we'll see, but two things bear mention: (1) Ulatoski wasn't playing very well before he got hurt, and (2) Hall was really struggling at guard. This may yet wind up a net plus, though I question Hall as a long-term solution at RT.