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Ten years ago today, the Texas Longhorn football nation collectively went on life support. We laid there, on our death beds, choking on the exhausts of what was perhaps the most humiliating loss in school history.

Yes, 10 years ago today was Rout 66.

I had almost forgotten this dark, dark moment in Texas football history until an old friend emailed me with a letter titled: "Where is Skip Hicks now?"

After some deliberation, we decided that this moment must not be forgotten. That only through remembering the pain of the past could we be strong in the future.

Just remember this nuclear moment in Texas football history the next time you want to tear your hair out because Jamaal Charles isn't being used quite as well as he could be.

It could be worse. It could be far, far worse. Never forget.

I've chosen my own way to remember the mourning of that dark, dark day - pictured below. Take a moment to mourn in the manner that best suits you.