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Four Quarters For A Dollar

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The transcript of Mack Brown's Wednesday chat with reporters is up, with several notable quotes.

On which game will be more difficult, the TCU game or the UCF game: It's always the next one. College football has gone crazy. You look up and you see the scores last week and they scare you to death. What has happened is that everyone has good players. The history means nothing anymore. Who you are means nothing. It's how you play on that day. You get into a game where you don't manage it well and you can get beat now. It's not like it use to be. It used to be an absolute shock for the underdog to win and now we're seeing it weekly. As I've said it's better for the fans, it's better for the media, it's tougher for the players and harder for the coaches. It is what it is and parity is here to stay. We talked about it four or five years ago, but I think it's here and I don't see it changing. Scholarship numbers will only get fewer, they won't get more. You better just get ready to play each week and especially when you are on the road. You can get beat much easier on the road.

On the one hand, this is coach speak. "Boy, they're all tough. Anybody can beat anybody these days!" Coaches have been saying this for years. Hell, we've been careful "not to overlook Rice" for however many straight years.

Coach speak or not, in this case it's absolutely true. More importantly, if Mack Brown and his staff do believe that every team needs to be taken seriously, then we ought to see the team - particularly on offense - come out with an aggressive gameplan.

What I'm getting at is that saying all this stuff about parity and taking opponents seriously is meaningless if Texas comes out and tries to survive Central Florida based solely on the talent edge. This team can't afford to sleepwalk through any more halves, so let's hope that the offense we saw in the second half, complete with down-field passing and nice usage of a deep playbook, is the one which shows up in the first half in Orlando.

On who will step up as back-up guard if Adam Ulatoski isn't ready: What we would do right now is Michael Huey would be the back-up right guard. Britt Mitchell would be the back up left guard. Then you would have the two freshman tackles and Buck Burnette is the back-up center.

FYI. Looks like it's Hall at right tackle, with the young kids prepped for back up duty. Keep your fingers crossed, boys and girls.