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It's time to return the weekly picks. If you're the betting type, please note that I probably destroyed all my picking karma by bragging about my nice start in the ESPN league.

Proceed at your own peril.

USC at Nebraska

Even if you're not sold on USC's offense, and even if you do give Nebraska some sort of boost for playing in Lincoln, it's hard to make a great case for the Huskers Saturday evening. I keep thinking about Pete Carroll having an extra week to decide how he intends to ruin Sam Keller's evening. Keller's only been average so far, and he's facing a wholly different kind of animal this week.

The Pick: USC 33 Nebraska 13

Notre Dame at Michigan

If Chad Henne's playing, I'd have trouble imagining a Notre Dame victory. As is, with Mallett making his first start, I'm not so sure. This may be a cripple fight, but something in my gut thinks Notre Dame's going to score enough to win. How's that for science?

(And no, this isn't a 'homer' pick. I really don't care if the Irish win or lose.)

The Pick: Notre Dame 21 Michigan 20

Tennessee at Florida

Football returns to CBS in time for this race to 50 points. I can't see Florida losing this at home. No matter how green the defense.

The Pick: Florida 41 Tennessee 30

Ohio State at Washington

Ohio State's defense can keep the team close against most anyone, but the offense looks pedestrian. I like Washington at home here, though you do worry about all the youth.

Washington 23 Ohio State 20

Louisville at Kentucky

I haven't checked the over/under on this game, but it better be damn high. I really am eager to see this one, and though I don't expect Kentucky's defense to be anything short of overwhelmed, I'm itching to see if Woodson can keep the Wildcats close. I'd love to see a ridiculous five-hour shootout in Lexington.

Louisville 55 Kentucky 42

The Rest

Alabama 27
Arkansas 17

Boston College 30
Georgia Tech 27

Michigan State 24
Pittsburgh 20

BYU 34
Tulsa 21