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Football Saturday Open Thread

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Week 3 brings us some outstanding conference matchups in the SEC to complement several intriguing non-conference showdowns. Here's your week three primer:

Saturday TV Guide (long version)

Blogs and Open Threads for games on TV
Iowa: Black Heart, Gold Pants
Iowa State: Clone Chronicles
Tennessee: Rocky Top Talk
Florida: Alligator Army, EDSBS
Alabama: Roll Bama Roll
USC: Conquest Chronicles
Nebraska: Corn Nation
Texas A&M: The 12th Manchild
Texas Tech: Double T Nation
UCLA: Bruins Nation
Utah: Block U
Ohio State: Around the Oval
Notre Dame: Rakes of Mallow
Michigan: Maize n Brew, MGoBlog
Louisville: Card Chronicle
Kentucky: A Sea of Blue
Georgia Tech: Ramblin Racket
Florida State: Tomahawk Nation

We'll have our own open thread up here for Texas-UCF. All your commentary on other games should go here. I urge you to check in on the above blogs for previews and open threads for each contest.

Happy footballing, everyone.