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Morning Coffee Wants An ACL Fest Review

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The Statesman's Alan Trubow asks if Charles' two fumbles could cost him his starting job. That's just silly, but he's right to point out what a big problem it was on Saturday. Equally important was the general ineptitude of the offense in the red zone once again. The coaches and players are still saying all the right things, but whatever high marks they receive for public relations, they continue to struggle in the area that matters - getting the football in the end zone.

Though Limas Sweed, Jermichael Finley, and Ryan Palmer each left Saturday's game with injuries, all are expected to be healthy by next Saturday.

Texas continues to hold the #6 ranking in the Coaches Poll, as several have pointed out. To be perfectly honest, I don't care much about the rankings. At least not yet.

For one thing, the rankings only really matter if you're vying for a spot in the BCS. At this point, we've got more fundamental concerns than where people are ranking us. It's something to keep an eye on, but nothing to get worked up over just yet.

Mack Brown's Monday press conference will be broadcast live at MB-TF, for those who may be interested. It's bound to be one of the more tense 3-0 press conferences you'll ever see. I'm as happy as the next guy that we've yet to lose, but there are lots of questions surrounding how good this team can be when it gets to some more vicious opponents.

Briefly: LD's College Game Day Recap is up... SMQ has his weekend review up... The Stos is our new leader ESPN Pick 'Em league after I gaffed on several big games... Selvin Young had a beautiful 40 yard run for the Broncos yesterday...

Report cards for Saturday's game probably won't be finished until this evening; might be some light posting in the interim. For those in Austin, did you go to ACL Fest this year? How was it?