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Morning Coffee Suddenly Wants To Go To The Pool

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The Dallas Morning News' Kevin Sherrington writes tha Mack Brown isn't handling this arrest wave properly, citing his remarks at a Monday press conference as evidence that he's mismanaging this perception problem.

Sherrington's take is a fair one. He doesn't suggest Brown isn't being proactive with discipline; rather, he notes that Brown's program is quickly developing an image problem - starting at the top:

But when you've had seven brushes with the law in less than four months – Robert Joseph got picked up twice – severity isn't the issue.

Perception is, and that's what Brown doesn't get, even as three players return from suspensions this week.

While Brown has been busy trying to point out how harsh his penalties for offenders have been, the arrests have continued. And reporters continue to say Mack Brown sounds defensive.

For a man known as being the master CEO, Mack Brown sure has taken some lumps of late.

Joseph Duarte notes that though many of Colt McCoy's numbers are up from a year ago, he's thrown two fewer touchdowns and four more interceptions through three games. McCoy himself is none to pleased, saying that he's "not playing at the standard that [he] needs to be."

Duarte gives McCoy a grade of 'B' so far for the year, which sounds about right.

The Longhorns reinstated three suspended players this week, all of whom will be available Saturday. Wide receiver Billy Pittman (improper use of a friend's car), defensive end Henry Melton (DUI), and linebacker Sergio Kindle (DUI) are all back with the team in full capacity.

Oh dear Lord... look at the size of these running lanes. Color me jealous.

And last, but by no means least, enjoy this photo of the Texas Tech swim team, dug up by our friends at Roll Bama Roll. Huzzah!

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