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The State of John Chiles

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There is a little of this talk going on in the diaries, and I think it’s worth further discussion on the main page. Sherrod Harris is now listed as probable for this weekend’s game with Rice, and as we all know, backup freshman quarterback John Chiles has yet to play a single down. If Rice is as bad as they shown and Texas blows out the Owls like they should, who spells Colt McCoy in the second half?

There is certainly not a single correct answer to that question but I will propose this scenario. If Chiles doesn’t play in this one, either at quarterback or in some other offensive role, he won’t play all year. If Kansas State is a four quarter game, there will be little to no chance to insert a backup quarterback. And then, the trip to Dallas.

Mack Brown has shown a real aversion to starting freshman against Oklahoma. It’s hard to envision a scenario in which Chiles plays for the first time as a true freshman against the Sooners. So, the Horns could easily go halfway into the season without Chiles every touching the football. By that point, Harris would certainly be back to full health and you’d have to question any decisions to burn an entire season of eligibility for Chiles by playing him at all in just the second half of the season.

To me, it’s play Chiles against Rice as the backup quarterback or somewhere else to get him some touches on offense, or he's probably headed for a redshirt season.