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Friday Night Lights: OU at Tulsa Open Thread

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I'm headed out later tonight, but not until I settle in to watch what could be an enlightening matchup between the evil ones and an incredibly lively-looking Tulsa team. Through two games, the Golden Hurricanes are fourth in the nation in total offense, amassing 559 yards per game (almost 400 through the air).

Coaching Tulsa's offense? None other than Gus Malzhan, he of Arkansas/Mustain fame. If you recall, Malzahn was given the OC job in Fayetteville before leaving after just one season along with Mustain. Piggie coach Houston Nutt never allowed Malzhan to implement his system, a restraint which prompted the Springfield, AR coach to pack his bags.

He landed at Tulsa, and the early results have been fantastic. Last week Tulsa upset a solid BYU team 55-47 behind 454 yards of passing from senior Paul Smith.

Can Tulsa upset Oklahoma? It's rather doubtful that the Golden Hurricanes will have much luck keeping the Sooners off the scoreboard, but they could give OU a run for their money in a shootout. Whether they succeed or not, this is a game Texas fans should settle in to watch. There's no question Greg Davis will be watching to see where the soft spots are in OU's defense.

By the way, the line on this game is OU -24. I'm taking Tulsa.

Enjoy your Friday night, Longhorn fans.