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Morning Coffee Says It's Time For Change

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Let's begin with Chip Brown's weekly email column - one of his best ones ever. Chip takes on all the biggest questions surrounding the team, with insightful answers I found myself mostly nodding vigorously to as I read them. Among them:

*Play John Chiles in the red zone. Texas has moved the ball pretty darn well between the 20s, but the offense has stalled in the red zone like it did last year. Why not use Chiles as a playmaker and see what he can do to help the team on short fields?

*Don't fall in to the trap of waiting for the OU game to play young guys. We all remember Mack waiting too long to get young playmakers on the field in years past. Mack Brown has to trust these guys now to build some comfort level with using them before the big game in Dallas.

*Quit being stubborn about the team problems with the law. Kirk Ferentz has issued a curfew. Dick Tomey holds practice at 6:00 in the morning. Mack Brown says all the right things, but isn't willing to bend to public pressure to make any changes. I appreciate what a great guy Mack Brown is, but doing whatever it takes does not mean leaving your dignity at the door. Mack should realize that by now.

*Be proactive with fixing the linebackers. No more coddling the young talent, Mack. Sergio Kindle returns this week and Texas could, in theory, replace all three mediocre veterans with younger playmakers at the position. Kindle-Norton-Muckelroy would be an instant upgrade at the position hurting this team the most.

In any case, read the entire Chip Brown column. Lots of good stuff in there.

I rather like Mike Wilbon, but his recent comments about Vince Young really pissed me off.

After Vince Young was asked to comment on Donovan McNabb's recent comments that black quarterbacks are held to a different standard than white ones, Young said, "Everybody is going to have their opinions and this and that, but that is not my fight to fight. Right now over here with the Tennessee Titans, we are trying to go to the playoffs and we can't worry about all the other mess going on.''

He basically said what every athlete says when asked about extracurricular stuff in the middle of the season. "We're focused on winning the games in front of us."

Wilbon's response? Vince Young is a "self-absorbed young punk" and that he "doesn't want to hear Vince Young say 'It's not my fight.'"

Talk about an overreaction. Maybe if this were the offseason and Vince made his statements from a cruise liner, I could empathize with what Wilbon is saying. But now? Mid-season? C'mon Wilbon.

Just how bad was Texas A&M during last night's 34-17 loss to Miami? Well, Kyle Wright completed 21 of 26 passes for 275 yards and 2 TDs. I'm not sure Kyle Wright has had 20 completions over two games in his entire career. And getting torched by Patrick Nix is a special kind of stupid.

However much I enjoy talking about how bad Texas A&M is, the nationally televised loss was not good for the conference. When it comes time to play the BCS Politics game, losses like this one and the Oklahoma State disaster at Troy don't help teams like Texas or Oklahoma one bit. Both the Longhorns and Sooners will likely need to win out if they want to play for the national title. And, perhaps, hope that there's not a situation like 2004. 'Cause winning the Big 12 is not looking like much of a coronation these days.

Briefly: Texas coaches confirmed that Ulatoski and Orakpo will be out this week... This week marks the 50th anniversary of Darryl Royal's arrival at Texas... FSN Southwest has announced a contingency plan for showing the Longhorn game in case the Tech-Okie State game runs long on Saturday afternoon.