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BlogPoll Draft Ballot, Week 4

This week's BlogPoll draft ballot. As always, your commentary is welcome. This is a work in progress, with revisions considered through Tuesday. Please note that four weeks in to the season, we're still short on data. I try to weight a team's resume more heavily than my subjective opinions of the teams, but both are considered. At least for now.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 LSU --
3 Oklahoma --
4 Florida --
5 West Virginia --
6 California --
7 Texas --
8 Ohio State 7
9 Boston College --
10 Clemson --
11 Kentucky 6
12 Oregon 4
13 South Florida 1
14 Rutgers 4
15 Missouri 3
16 Wisconsin 4
17 Arizona State 4
18 Michigan State 4
19 Cincinnati 4
20 Georgia 6
21 Alabama 8
22 Kansas 4
23 Hawaii 4
24 South Carolina 13
25 Purdue 1

Dropped Out: Penn State (#8), Texas A&M (#24), Texas Tech (#25).
1. Southern Cal The engine is heating up in Troy, where USC's offense is coming together. The Trojans racked up 509 total yards against Washington State in a 47-14 rout that was over by halftime.

2. LSU A nice home win for the Tigers, who handled South Carolina without playing exceptionally well. The offense looks decidedly mortal to me, but the silly amount of talent on the roster makes them as dangerous as anyone to rip off an undefeated season.

3. Oklahoma Tulsa's bag of offensive tricks wasn't enough to slow down the Sooners, who have blown out everyone they've played. I think OU's secondary can be picked on to some degree, and Sam Bradford is playing over his head a bit right now, but this is a very good football team playing at an exceptionally high level right now.

4. Florida The team sputtered a bit on the road this week, but won anyway. This team has some growing left to do, but when they do hit peak performance? Duck.

5. West Virginia A blowout of East Carolina neither helps nor hurts the Mountaineers here. A huge Friday night showdown at South Florida looms. Finally, a real test.

6. California This game wasn't quite as close as the 45-27 final suggested. Cal led 31-10 by halftime, and though Arizona threw for 309 yards on the Golden Bears, they needed over 60 attempts to do it.

7. Texas Finally. Something to feel good about. Kansas State is next.

8. Ohio State Now that is how you beat down an inferior opponent. The Buckeyes absolutely smothered Northwestern 58-7 in Columbus.

9. Boston College The Eagles handled Army with relative ease and will snack on Massachusetts next week. The upcoming cupcakes, plus the weakness that is the ACC this year, could sink this resume in a hurry.

10. Clemson No problems for Clemson again this week as they easily handle NC State 42-20. Cullen Harper is giving the team exactly what it needs to complement that elite running game.

11. Kentucky A road win at Arkansas has the Cats at 4-0 and a frightening thought for every SEC contender. If you're wondering, Kentucky gets Florida Atlantic this week, then three straight at home: South Carolina, LSU, and Florida.

12. Oregon They didn't exactly obliterate Stanford, but that Michigan throttling is, in all likelihood, going to look better and better each week.

13. South Florida Quarterback Matt Groethe is a lot of fun to watch. He's one of those guys who's just crazy enough to be scary. Usually, that helps his team win. There will be times this season when it hurts the team. Show Me game upcoming Friday night with West Virginia..

14. Rutgers Not much on the resume just yet, but they've looked awfully good so far anyway.

15. Missouri It's a pitiful resume, and there is always Gary Pinkel to consider.... And the defense stills tinks.... And.... Okay, I still think Daniels-Temple-Coffman makes them dangerous.

16. Wisconsin They're creeping up my ballot by default, but I stick by my preseason proposition that this team isn't as good as most say.

17. Arizona State So far, so good for Erickson's boys, who improved dramatically in the second half to handle Oregon State. The Sun Devils visit Stanford next week and should improve to 5-0.

18. Michigan State Beating the Irish this season is nothing special, but Dantonio has this team playing well enough. Is it well enough to contend for the Big 10 title? I suspect not.

19. Cincinnati They're rolling along nicely right now, including a 40-14 rout of Marshall this past Saturday. They'll host San Diego State on Saturday before a tough road trip to New Jersey to take on Rutgers.

20. Georgia A tremendous win for the Bulldogs over Alabama in overtime gets them back on my ballot. Mark Richt remains one of the nation's best coaches.

21. Alabama And a tough loss for the Tide, who sputtered offensively under the lights. It wasn't Major Applewhite's best night as a coordinator.

22. Kansas They haven't defeated a single notable team. But they've slaughtered all the non-notables. That's more than most teams on this ballot can say.

23. Hawaii Colt Brennan doesn't play and they still drop 66 on the visitors. Of course, those visitors were Charleston Southern. The resume has very little room to improve.

24. South Carolina How weird is it seeing Spurrier's team play strong defense and struggle on offense?

25. Purdue How soon before the wheels come off? 'Cause you know they are...