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Morning Coffee Is Happy To Share Duties

First, an administrative note. The Morning Coffee link roundups have been a touch... erratic... of late. I've always enjoyed putting them together, so there's no want of desire to continue them. As I shall. However, a few quick notes on some changes on the landscape.

As most know, I'm immersed in first-year law school work. It's far from overwhelming, but it's at least a full-time job's worth of work and class to deal with. Beyond that, I have extensive duties to fulfill as the manager of SB Nation's collegiate network of blogs. We're up to 36 sites (and growing), and though everything runs itself in most regards, you'd be amazed how much work I throw in to various administrative duties. It's all work I enjoy (a lot), but it takes time.

Those are reasons why my time is a bit limited, but there's something else which plays an even bigger role in all this: the outstanding job you guys do with getting news out in the Diaries section. (Right hand column of the main page for newcomers.) Honestly? When I go through the various websites reporting Texas news, I mostly relive the same experience: "Someone's already broken this story on BON in the Diaries. Ditto that one."

There was a time when every story was unreported on our site and writing the Morning Coffee was a snap. Now? I'm more likely to read a story through the Diaries than I am to see it for the first time on the original publisher's site.

Frankly, it's better this way. I learn a lot from readers by getting your takes on various stories, and you guys inevitably find stuff I would have missed. I hope this trend continues, because it makes for a much richer community. It also frees me up to spend more writing time on projects which are more analytical and don't require me to hunt for stories that you guys have already got covered anyway. Thanks, and keep it up.

(Anyway, yes - the Morning Coffee will continue, for sure. It just might continue to be a bit sporadic, as it has been of late.)

I've been so busy, and so focused on football, that I haven't done very well reporting news in other areas relating to UT athletics. Sometimes, stuff slips through the cracks. Other times, readers help me out via email.

One area I've been damn fortunate to have help is with news relating to BON favorite Cat Osterman. Her rightfully proud mother keeps me up to date with all of Cat's latest news, but she let a big piece of news slip through the cracks...

Cat Osterman made the US Olympic team. Again!

Okay, it's not a big surprise, considering how dominant Cat is, but I needed some reader help to get to the news item. In this case, though? It is my turn to be proud. Cat sent me an email herself, just to playfully rib me a bit for missing the story.

For those who don't know, Cat was recently hired as an assistant coach at DePaul University in Chicago. Which is only an hour from South Bend.... Hey, wait a sec - Cat, our next interview is gonna be one-on-one. None of this email stuff.

And congratulations on making the Olympic team. Not that any of us are surprised. Keep repping that burnt orange (as well as the red, white and blue) like you have been.

Speaking of the Midwest, Longhorn fans in the Detroit area will get a chance to see the hoops team this winter. The Longhorns will play Michigan State at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Saturday, December 22nd. Tickets can be purchased via telephone at (248) 645-6666 or, coming soon, online.

God are things getting depressing in Aggieland, where Athletic Director Bill Byrne is having to reiterate a "no firing mid-season" policy to fans. Responding to the flood of complaints Byrne has received of late, the A&M athletic director writes in his weekly newsletter:

First thing I want to talk about is the game at Miami. I heard from a lot of you who said you were embarrassed and angry. And so were all of us. No one liked what we saw last Thursday night.

We've asked you to buy into the program, and many of you have done so. That's why the game in Miami hurt so much.

But you're not the only ones hurting. The players are hurting. The coaches are hurting. The athletic staff is hurting. The lockerroom after the game was painful - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A few have written that you'll never come to another game. I hope that was just the frustration speaking because we have eight more tough conference games left.

Sad, sad, sad indeed: "Please don't decide not to come to the last eight games!"

Briefly: OU defensive end John Williams is out for the season... Barking Carnival has an intriguing suggestion for Greg Davis... Mack Brown adresses the media following Wednesday practice.

And last, a brief note - purely speculative. The Tennessee Titans are off this week and I've heard that Vince Young will be in town. I base this on nothing other than my own imagination, but... could the Longhorns be planning something special for VY on the field this Saturday? I'm sure he'll be involved in some way. Any chance they retire his jersey? You'd think they'd make an announcement of some sort, but I have to admit to daydreaming this afternoon about the university surprising everyone with a #10 retirement at halftime.