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Doin' The Coach Dance

If the changes at linebacker so many fans are eager for is going to happen this week, the coaches sure aren't ready to talk about it. As reporters begin to hone in on the obvious need for change, the coaches have started in on the Coach Dance.

Try, if you can, to make sense of this quote from Duane Akina ($), which was a response to a question about whether it was time to switch to the clearly superior young talent at linebacker.

"There are still certain things in term of alignment or understanding formations and maybe cheating or sacrificing some of your disguise that helps you get your job done. Not every formation or pre-snap puts you into the exact same spot. At times they are still getting in a base alignment, but maybe it's a three-by-one alignment and maybe they can cheat a little. There are just little things that can help them after the ball is snapped and getting the job done. They are playing hard. They are running and they are physical. We just want to make sure they are getting some opportunities because they all run very well."

Thanks, Coach. That definitely clears it up.

Akina is not alone in this, of course - Mack Brown's doing the dance himself. From his Wednesday presser:

We’re not sure what we're going to do. We always sit down on Thursday and decide what we're going to do with our substitutions and that's really, really important and especially with this heat. (Substitutions) will be more important in the early part of the season than it will during the latter part. Jared Norton and Roddrick Muckelroy have played a lot and they've played well.

That's at least a coherent response, but it's well short of a commitment to the young guys.

I will say that I don't necessarily think the Texas coaches should act differently. I don't expect, or even want, Brown and Akina to come out and tell the media, "Killebrew has been lousy. Bobino looks lost. Derry is too limited to hold off the younger guys for much longer."

I can say that from my little soap box, but the coaches can't. And shouldn't. And won't.

But as clear a difference as there's been between the two groups of players, I hope the press keeps the heat on the coaches. More than that, though - I hope that if, in truth, these coaches think this change is inevitable, they don't stubbornly refuse to do so until we lose. Texas fans want wins. We especially want wins over Oklahoma. And the team? If those veterans are as good a leaders as the coaches say they are, the goal of winning conference championships will be more important to them than the minutes they're on the field.

Right? Right.