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Now Available: BON Insider

One of the things I've been so busy with lately has been some behind the scenes work prepping a huge project that I'm finally allowed to announce.


Here's how it works. Subscribers to the weekly email newsletter will get exclusive dibs on all the behind the scenes news from the college football blogosphere. This information, which will only be available to subscribers, is the must-have for any fan of this site and the college football blogosphere in general.

What kind of news can you expect?

Injury Reports

Did you know Brian Cook lost two days of blogging to carpal tunnel syndrome? That T Kyle King recently passed a kidney stone? Or that Orson has syphilis? If you become a BON Insider, you'll know all the latest medical news that the general public isn't privy to.

Insider Criticism

Bloggers can be hesitant to criticize one another in the public domain. BON Insider subscribers will get insider critical breakdowns of all the major college football blogs. I'll tell you why Rocky Top Talk causes seizures, why SMQ never met an extra clause he didn't like, and why Hey Jenny Slater writes about ex-girlfriends as often as he does. This is Page Six stuff you can't get anywhere else.

How do I subscribe?

It's easy! Just send me an email indicating your interest. You must have a PayPal account, as the newsletter does have an annual "VIP Fee" of $1,200. Trust me, though - you'll be so far inside the bowels of the college football blogosphere, that you'll know all the stink that will never hit the public forums.

Disclaimer: You must keep this newsletter private. If members of the mainstream media start to ask questions, I'll be forced to shut it down. Also, if you think I'm a fucking idiot - you're right.

(I hope you're enjoying this meltdown as much as I am. Gig 'em!)