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Week 1 Notes from around the country

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The Washington Huskies

Now I don't think we can tell too much from a shellacking of Syracuse.  Even I have been known on occasion to drive to upstate New York and run over and around Greg Robinson's squad, but Washington did look much improved while doing it.  New quarterback Jake Locker, though he I wouldn't say he's a white Vince Young as the ESPN commentator did, looked great running and passable from the pocket.  Willingham's squad has a chance to make it to the level of a bad Oregon season, giving scares to the better Pac-10 teams and losing to one lower level team a year.


Now has a quarterback with their coach's balls.  It's hereditary.  A gutty comeback win against their in-state rival Colorado State almost insures that the Buffs won't be losing to any more Championship Subdivision teams any time soon.  They'll leave that to certain other Rice.

Presence of Mind

Something I've never seen before happened in Washington State's loss to Wisconsin.  On WSU's first scoring drive their punter saw his punt blocked, then picked it up and ran for a first down.  Heads up play.

Nebraska 52-Nevada 10

Something almost immediately evident, Nebraska has some kicker.  I believe he cleared the end zone 6 times, while kicking from the 30.  To compare, Hunter Lawrence landed the ball between the goal line and 5 yard line every kick against Arkansas State.  As for the rest of the game, Marlon Lucky was great, and as for the passing game...well...Marlon Lucky was great.  It seems like Callahan put a damper on the passing game after Keller threw an early pick six.  I would have assumed it'd be hard to run a West Coast offence without having a lot of confidence in one's quarterback.  Well, Callahan's the genius.

Andre Ware strikes again

Tommy Tuberville's lucky that our least favorite system quarterback didn't get assigned to the Kansas State/Auburn game, because if he was he would have willed the Wildcats to hold on for the win and called Tuberville Tooberville most likely.  As it turned out.  Ware drew the Mizzou/Illinois game, where SMQ has this to say:

Bad effort in this one by the generic WWL announcers, who had major sound problems in the middle of the game and said stupid things on both sides. After McGee's fumble: "If Juice Williams is out there, he probably secures the ball better, it probably doesn't happen." What? Did he do any research on Illinois prior to this game?

Later, when trailing Illinois forced a critical fumble from Chase Daniel that the Illini recovered inside the Missouri five early in the fourth quarter, the same crew insisted against all visual evidence that Daniel's arm was ever-so-slightly but conclusively coming forward. The officials, rightly and to the shock of the booth, upheld the call, and Illinois cut the score to 37-34 two plays later.

I will only add that it's Chase Daniel, not Chase Daniels.  He's a man with two first names, not the heir to a whiskey fortune.