That was awful and embarrasing on every side of the ball. Wow thats all i have to say. Texas got outclassed, outcoached, outhustled, and outplayed by an inferior opponent. I could live with a result like that if was against OU and only OU but against anybody else in this shitty conference it is inexcusable.

Mack needs to take a long look at his coaching staffing especially greg davis. He keeps thinking that he has Vince Young at quaterback. Why else would he run a spread zone read offense with a slow, white qb. He (greg davis) keeps running from the fucking shotgun and why? Our best running play was the jamal charles td and, guess what, it was from the I-formation.

Is it just me or does anybody see an similarites b/w this season and the 2003 season. We lost to inferior opponent just like Arkansas, we got outcoached just like Arkansas, our defense made no plays just like arkansas and we might have a qb controversy just like the arkansas game and we could potentially be blown out just like against OU in 2003. Also we are wasting the talents of a great senior wideout (Roy Williams), our superstar junior running back (Cedric Benson) is being underused and ineffective because of a shitty scheme and we can't make any plays on defense.

Anybody that says we have a qb controversy is wrong b/c Colt was running for his life on every single fucking play. Thats on coaching that your line can't block Ian fucking Campbell. Thats on coaching when on every pick colt got creamed or someone was in his grill.

I've have long been an opponent of greg davis but we all gave him a pass b/c of VY but VY
is gone and we need to relize this. There will be no more 4th and 15 scramble to save the game. We need to relize that. This guy has been a shitty cordinator for sometime and it has finally shown. Can someone please start a domain called We all should pitch in a little for the domain.

We can't run the ball, we can't protect the qb and it is sad. I was so mad yesterday. I can't believe we lost to this shitty team. The defense didn't play that bad because 21 of the 41 points were scored of special teams and defense (were we playing VPI). The special teams coordinator needs to be fired right now. It is inexcusable for a team to score 2 kick returns on us and espically for s slow white walk on to take a 90 yard punt return against. In-ex-cus-able. We fucking suck and our season is fucking over longhorn fans.

Were going to the holiday bowl, alamo bowl or the Houston bowl lets just relize it guys. It is because of poor coaching and thats that. We don't have the greatest team talent wise but it is still better by miles then everybody elses in the big 12 w/the exception of OU. Mack Brown is really not that good of a coach guys. He is a creat CEO and recruiter but as far as a gameplan type of guy he isn't innovative at all. You look at how many games we lost because of his coaching is staggering. The 2001 OU game, 2002 OU, and Tech Games, 2003 Arkansas Game, 2003 Washington St. game, and so forth. We lost that game because of shitty coaching.

The only way K-State good have beaten us was exactly like that yesterday. They couldn't move the ball on offense and they needed special teams and defense and yet mack didn't preach that. Wow, i am so mad right now because our season is effectivel over. K-State is a joke with a fatass annoying piece of shit as a coach. He has to be nominated for enemy of the nation with his fucking dancing.

Our defense wasn't as shitty as i thought they would be. They really didn't move the ball at all on us except the first drive but there were no big plays by our "D" when we desperatly needed one. He couldn't make the adjustment that the only reciever they had was a slow white guy named Jordy. Fucking Jordy. Unbeilvable. Why do we keep trotting shitty scrub "senior leaders" linebackers (I don't have kids Mike Gundy)? It is sad they made no plays whatsoever and mack does not see it. Where is Derrick Johnson when you need him? We have no playmakers at all on defense. There isn't a single player where he can turn the game on its head.

Overall they really didn't play that bad but you have to create some plays for your offense.

I am so disappointed b/c we had a chance to move up to maybe number three in the country but we dropped out of the top 10. I really don't care about this season anymore b/c we are going to lose more games. Everygame on our schedule looks loseable with the exception of Iowa State and Baylor.

Fire Greg Davis now. Fire Greg Davis now.

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