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BlogPoll Ballot Draft

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 LSU --
3 California 3
4 Ohio State 4
5 South Florida 8
6 Boston College 3
7 Kentucky 4
8 Wisconsin 8
9 Arizona State 8
10 Missouri 5
11 Cincinnati 8
12 Florida 8
13 Oregon 1
14 Georgia 6
15 Oklahoma 12
16 Kansas 6
17 Purdue 8
18 Auburn 8
19 South Carolina 5
20 Kansas State 6
21 Florida State 5
22 West Virginia 17
23 Hawaii --
24 UCLA 2
25 Connecticut 1

Dropped Out: Texas (#7), Clemson (#10),
Rutgers (#14), Michigan State (#18),
Alabama (#21).
This isn't gonna be easy, is it?  The fact is, one of the main reasons that the resume ranking carries weight with my balloting is precisely because our subjective opinions are so flawed. We thought OU was totally invulnerable on Saturday, right? No way Auburn's gonna beat UF in Gainesville, right? Cullen Harper's got Clemson right where it needs to be, right?

We just don't know. These teams have so many weaknesses. And as we Texas fans know all too well, there's so much more to all this than talent. And unless and until the team proves it on the field, with wins, it's all just guesswork.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Ballot revisions considered through Tuesday.

(Last week's rank in parentheses)

1. Southern Cal (1) Washington gave the Trojans a nice fight, but USC got the job done. If it hadn't been such a brutal Saturday, USC's win might be scrutinized a bit more. That offense isn't consistent enough yet.

2. LSU (2) They led 10-9 at half. Against Tulane. They did take care of business in the second half, but they may not be the unbeatable juggernaut some suggest.

3. California (6) Beating Oregon in Eugene is what you call a quality win. This team has playmakers on offense and a good-enough-to-win defense. Look out.

4. Ohio State (8) When everyone else loses... you win. After an unflashy start to the year, the Buckeyes are playing solid football right now.

5. South Florida (13) Wins at Auburn and versus West Virginia? USF, UConn, and Cincinnati are your three undefeated Big East teams through five weeks. Wait, you didn't call that either?

6. Boston College (9) Playing Massachusetts was supposed to ding this resume. As it turned out... a win is good enough to move them up. Wow.

7. Kentucky (11) I really like Andre Woodson and am openly rooting for the 'Cats to beat LSU. Oh how that would make me smile.

8. Wisconsin (16) Barf. The Badgers still don't look very good, but they're 5-0, so up, up they go. Hard to imagine this team not getting knocked off, though.

9. Arizona State (17) This is just getting weird, right? For those who plan to get upset, please remember: having one loss hurts a lot more at this point than it will in, say, a month. But that's how this works. We go by the results on the field, and not much else.

10. Missouri (15) This week, not playing was a great way to move up the rankings.

11. Cincinnati (19) 5-0 is 5-0. Led 35-10 at half in easily disposing of San Diego State.

12. Florida (4) Another season, another loss to Auburn. At home, though? That has to burn Gator fans.

13. Oregon (12) I missed most of this game, but the Ducks were right there at the end. Losing to Cal isn't a resume killer.

14. Georgia (20) The Bulldogs put away Ole Miss in winning their third straight.

15. Oklahoma (3) Road loss to Buffaloes. Ouch.

16. Kansas (22) Again - not playing was good for the resume this week.

17. Purdue (25) Beating Notre Dame isn't difficult, but being undefeated apparently is. Up, up they go.

18. Auburn (NR) The Kansas State win suddenly looks better, doesn't it?

19. South Carolina (24) Survived Mississippi State to move to 4-1.

20. Kansas State (NR) A good football team showed up to Austin and took care of business. No question that, all things considered, the better team won.

21. Florida State (NR) It's a game of survival, and the 'Noles are alive. Xavier Lee was the spark the team needed.

22. West Virginia (5) Still not over the hump.

23. Hawaii (23) I do have a soft spot for this team; I'll admit it.

24. UCLA (NR) The most mystifying team in college football, it seems.

25. Connecticut (NR) They're undefeated and throttled Duke - a team which has played several teams pretty close this year, including Miami - 45-14, as well as winning at Pittsburgh. Weird, but they get a ranking for now.

Where's Texas, you ask? I'm not sure - I haven't seen them all weekend.