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Morning Coffee Starts Moving On To TCU

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A glance at the latest depth chart reveals that it has been updated for TCU.

Of course, by updated, I mean that the heading now says "Depth Chart for TCU" instead of Arkansas State. There's no change whatsoever.

Before we all go bonkers, though, I note two things.

First, that Brian Orakpo - out this coming Saturday to injury - is still listed as the starting Quick End.  Second, Texas didn't open last game with a fullback, despite what the depth chart suggested.

We're at a point right now where I don't think there's much, if anything, to be gained from trying to read into what information is available publicly. Toss it all out the window. Whatever changes Texas does have planned for this week are staying in Bellmont until game day. Take it to the bank.

TCU defensive end Tommy Blake is practicing with the team and expected to play Saturday. Blake's on-the-field, off-the-field saga has been a strange one, but it's not surprising to see him pulling things together in time for Texas week. I'd more or less count on him playing.

Meanwhile, the Statesman sent a reporter to Fort Worth to gather "bulletin board material" from the Horned Frogs, which they happily provided.

Says TCU safety David Roach: "We expect to win. If you go out there thinking about a loss, you’ve already lost. We go into every game expecting to win, and if we lose, then it’s a surprise. I don’t feel like we’re the underdogs. We’re both good teams. We’re both ranked teams. I would say it’s a pretty important game for both teams."

Says TCU defensive end Chase Ortiz: "We respect Texas and what they’ve accomplished. But we’re not in awe of Texas."

Says TCU coach Gary Patterson: "We understand Texas is a big game because it is the next game."

Honestly? I think Patterson and TCU are smart to be barking it up. All the crap people talk about "bulletin board material" is just that - crap.

I'll never forget a few days before the Rose Bowl when VY said something provocative and my father gasped about how Texas needed to shut the hell up and focus on the game. I disagreed with him then, as I do now with folks who may want to criticize TCU for coming in to Austin talking boldly about winning the game.

Rare is the game when a good team "creeps up" on another, supposedly better, one. This is football, people. The two teams take the field, they line up, as fired up as they possibly can be, and they try to kill one another. It's a battle for physical dominance.

And though I certainly recognize how important the mental side of football is, I understand, too, that a big part of that mental component is confidence and a sheer will to win. Gary Patterson gets a lot of mileage out of his players believing that they belong on the same field as Texas. And if we're being honest? He probably shouldn't be worried aobut whether or not his players' confidence translates into revving up the opponent.

Because if it takes opposing player quotes to get you appropriately fired up for your next game... you've got biggger problems on your hands.

I've got a busy day of class today, but will be spending a chunk of time later this afternoon and evening getting us all set for TCU game week. If you missed the summer preview, you can get your first look at TCU here.