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Friday Four Questions: TCU

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Apologies for the light posting yesterday and, I'm afraid, today. These last two days mark the end of various law school orientation activities, so I should be on firmer ground heading forward.

Anyhow, we've dug into the TCU game some now, but now's our day to assert our feelings heading into game weekend. We'll do this just like the EDSBS Live Four Questions. I'll offer my own thoughts, but I want your answers to each question in the comments.

1. Are you more concerned about Texas struggling to score on TCU's defense, or Texas' defense allowing too many yards and points to TCU?

This is actually a tough one because the standout units for each team are the Texas offense and TCU defense. Intuitively, I want to say I'm more worried about the Texas defense, but in this case, I think the bigger concern has to be the offense. It's not that I worry about the unit's viability in general; it's that I worry about TCU dictating the pace of this game. The Horned Frogs want a low scoring slugfest. To the extent that this game becomes a burner, they're in trouble.

2. What kinds of offensive changes do you want to see this Saturday?

I think we have to accept the premise that Davis wants to run this offense from the shotgun. That, in and of itself, is not problematic. Rather, what I'm looking for is a willingness to tweak the way we're using Jamaal Charles. TCU wants to shut down our run, and they want to be the aggressor. I'd like to see Texas do more to stretch and spread the back of the TCU defense while working Charles open underneath.

3. Your prediction for the Longhorn player of the game?

Limas Sweed. If there's one area where I think Texas can pick on TCU, it's deep with Limas. It's hard to predict exactly how Patterson intends to scheme us, but I'd be surprised if Limas Sweed didn't find himself in a lot of one-on-one coverage tomorrow. If so? I like him to get the Texas offense going.

4. Your prediction for the game?

TCU keeps things close with solid defense and rushing in the first half, but Texas wears 'em down overall.

Texas 27
TCU 20