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EDSBS LIVE Talks Weekend Football Tonight

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The second week's games are in the books and, I'm happy to say, Texas fans can talk about the college football world without looking over our shoulders with so much paranoia.

I invite you to join Orson and I at our new day and time to talk about everything college football from the weekend. Tonight we'll be joined in the first hour by Dan Shanoff, who will be forced to apologize for picking TCU over the Longhorns. In the second hour, we'll recap things with the incomparable Sunday Morning Quarterback, with an eye towards next week's biggest games.

As always, we'll also be taking your calls throughout the show, so if you want to sound off on anything you saw this weekend, tonight's your chance.

Click here to go to the EDSBS LIVE online show page

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM CT

Guests: Dan Shanoff and SMQ