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BON 2007 Year In Review Part 2: July - December

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Click here for Part 1: January - June


July 2nd - PB gets to interview Cat Osterman, one of his - and many on this site's - favorite Longhorn athletes.

July 5th - BON is treated to its first CatLab video. A bit stunning at first, Chum's videos will quickly become legendary, as we post more videos over the next two days.

July 11th - OU is forced to vacate the entire 2005 season for their car lot scandal. Texas fans snicker in delight.

July 16th - PB proudly announces the publication of his Eyes of Texas 2007: An Annual Guide to Texas Longhorns Football.

July 17th - PB and Orson interview Phil Steele on EDSBS Live, marking the highlight of our young podcasting lives.

July 23rd - Texas and BON wonder: Who is Lee Jennings?

July 28th - Sergio Kindle is arrested for DUI as the long offseason continues.


August 2nd - An arrest warrant is issued for Andre Jones. Texas fans not pleased.

August 8th - Barry Bonds breaks the all time home run record. PB celebrates alone.

August 14th - Sherrod Harris hurts his knee in practice, bumping John Chiles up to #2 on the depth chart.

August 15th - Limas Sweed hurts his wrist in practice. The longest offseason in history somehow becomes worse.

August 22nd - Chum makes a video just for BON and Texas. PB is utterly thrilled.

August 24th - Ryan Bailey is given a scholarship, an investment he'll easily justify in 2007 with a strong season kicking for the 'Horns.

August 29th - 54b chimes in with his 9th annual Preseason Unspectacular

August 31st - BON pays its yearly tribute to the Texas pom squad.


September 1st - Texas beats Arkansas State 21-13 in an uninspiring season opener.  Salient points from the postgame react:

With all that said, the game was a disappointment overall. All of this will be discussed in greater detail in the positional and scheme breakdowns, but here's the quick and dirty list of head shakers:

*The running game, while not bad, was all too reminiscent of 2006.
*The linebackers continue to be a source of more disappointment than excitement.
*Tweedle Dee was... well, he wasn't good.
*The secondary as a whole was inconsistent.
*The personnel decisions are going to be a point of contention. And soon.

September 4th - Billyzane debuts his Playing the Numbers Game column with a look at predictors of success in Texas games between 2001 and 2006.

September 8th - After a disastrous first half, Texas rebounds with a stellar second half effort to dispatch of TCU.

September 13th - This Thursday marks the grim ten year anniversary of Rout 66.

September 15th - Texas defeats UCF 35-32, but it doesn't feel like a great win.

September 18th - The season of problems continues as James Henry is arrested, joining Robert Joseph and Andre Jones in the apartment break-in criminal case. PB insists that Mack is still mismanaging the issue.

September 20th - One of the funniest YouTubes of the year, as Coach Fran gets mocked.

September 22nd - The 'Horns pound Rice 58-14, looking sharp for the first time all season. It is, of course, the worst team Texas will play all season.

September 22nd - Mike Gundy explodes after his team's win over Texas Tech, creating the YouTube moment of the season.

September 28th - Coach Fran gives BON a grand idea to scheme readers.

September 29th - Kansas State throttles Texas in Austin. PB imagines the KSU coaches meeting. Following the game, a majority of fans want John Chiles to start over McCoy.


October 6th - Texas loses its fourth straight conference game as Oklahoma beats Texas in Dallas.

October 9th - With Texas' big postseason dreams over, Limas Sweed opts for season-ending surgery. BON tributes his career.

October 13th - Texas gets back on the horse with a dismantling of Iowa State in Ames.

October 17th - Any lingering doubt that the 2007 Longhorn team is not a meritocracy is sadly put to rest.

October 20th - Texas wins again, this time beating Baylor, but it ain't exactly pretty.

October 23rd - With the Longhorn offense floundering, Texas fans ask aloud whether Jamaal Charles should continue to start at tailback. PB takes a close look and concludes its the system - not Charles - which is broken.

October 27th - After a truly abysmal first half, Jamaal Charles erupts for one of the most memorable fourth quarters in CFB history as Texas gets by Nebraska.


November 1st - Continuing what will be an absurdly defensive, bizarre year for Mack Brown, the Texas head coach takes a shot at the home fans who are tough on the players during tough times.

November 3rd - Texas walks the tight rope once again, but comes back in thrilling fashion to beat Oklahoma State on a walk off field goal. 54b was there and reports on his trip.

November 9th - Horn Brain offers his detailed breakdown of the BCS Computer Rankings.

November 11th - Things finally look up for Texas as the team dispatches Texas Tech with relative ease. Concerns on the defense remain, however.

November 15th - J'Covan Brown commits to play hoops for the Longhorns.

November 23rd - For the second straight year, Texas loses to Texas A&M. Fans are furious. As they should be.

November 24th - As hopes for football sink, the Texas basketball team gets off to a tremendous start with a blowout win over Tennessee.

November 25th - The Gregory Gazelles win the Big 12 title after sweeping Kansas State.

November 26th - The heat on Mack Brown is dialed up. PB holds out hope that things can still change.


Dsecember 3rd - In what might be the biggest win in UT's regular season history, Texas upsets UCLA in Pauley.

December 12th - As Terrelle Pryor removes Texas from his list of schools, the attention shifts to Russell Shephard and Garrett Gilbert.

December 18th - As the year comes to a close, PB has some lessons for Mack Brown.

December 22nd - The 'Horns finally drop a game as Michigan State takes it to Texas in Detroit.

December 27th - The football team buries Arizona State to win the Holiday Bowl and end the season on a high note.

December 30th - The hoops team closes out the calendar year on a dubious note, choking away a game to Wisconsin at the Drum.