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Morning Coffee Screams

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[/wishful thinking] I had planned to write this morning about whether Jamaal Charles might reconsider his decision to leave early for the NFL after some 11 other junior tailbacks decided to throw their own hats into the ring. The Statesman squashes that thought, however, reporting that Charles' mind is made up. As much fun as this offseason's been so far, I suppose the law of averages was against us.

Me [expletive] too. Andrew mentioned this in the diaries, but it's a story worth sharing again: Bob Knight got win #900 last night as his Red Raiders defeated Texas A&M in Lubbock. More important than the win or the milestone, however, was the opportunity for Knight to pick up a microphone and address the crowd afterwards. Take it away, Coach:

"Our players really played hard tonight against a really good team," Knight said. "You people here tonight, with seats being full for a change, really made one hell of a difference."

After Knight talked, a rowdy Tech student section began chanting, "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby." Later while addressing the media, Knight was asked to say a few words about reaching 900 career wins.

"I'm [expletive] glad it's over – that's a few words," Knight said. "I'm happy that I've been able to coach this long. ... That's a mark of longevity as much as anything else, so I'm just glad I lived this long."

Click here for video.

For what it's worth, Double T Nation says the seats weren't filled to capacity. Regardless, AW and I continue to admire Coach Knight's unique mix of coaching and candor.

I'm in the wrong business. Major Applewhite will make $250,000 per year for his services in Austin, the same salary that Nick Saban paid him at Alabama. Meanwhile, Kirk Bohls has an imaginary conversation with Major about his decision to come to Austin.

Speaking of which, yesterday's post refuting Roll Bama Roll's Applewhite explanation was a little bit off. Not so much in content, but tone. The guys at RBR are not just colleagues, but friends as well. I mentioned in the piece that it's one of the finest 'Bama blogs around, but that's an understatement; it's one of the finest sports blogs around, of any team. Make sure you're reading.

Do you think there will be screaming girls? The official Texas football site notes that fans can watch the Major Applewhite introductory press conference live on streaming video this morning at 10 a.m. I'll give you a sneak peek: