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Larry MacDuff Leaves The Texas Staff

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Larry MacDuff has left almost as quickly as he arrived. According to the MB-TF official release:

"Larry and I met this morning and he informed me that he is not returning for the 2008 season, citing philosophical differences," Brown said. "Larry is a great coach and man and we appreciate all he's done for our program. We want to wish him luck in the future and will begin looking for a replacement immediately." (emphasis added)

Though some have speculated this is Mack Brown ushering out MacDuff so that he can bring in someone else, it's that bolded part of the quote above that has me scratching my head.

Let's assume this was Mack's decision. Under what circumstances would the decision be made to use the phrase "philosophical differences" in the parting release? It's just a puzzling way to phrase the break up if it was a unilateral decision by Mack Brown.

In truth, the quote makes more sense if it's taken at face value. Which makes one wonder: what were these philosophical differences? Was MacDuff unhappy with the role he played on the staff? Was he promised more when hired? Is he aware that Duane Akina's on the way out? Is he aware that Duane Akina's staying? It's all a bit mysterious, and though I wasn't shocked to see the actual headline, I'm certainly perplexed by the way it's been presented.

Regardless, Texas is out its Linebackers Coach and the big question concerns what happens next. Mack can:

A. Keep Duane Akina as Defensive Backs Coach and let him continue to call plays.

B. Keep Duane Akina as Defensive Backs Coach and bring in a Linebackers Coach to call plays.

C. Fire Duane Akina and bring in a new LB Coach and DB Coach, one of whom calls plays.

I think most Texas fans would prefer Option C, but we know how loyal Mack Brown is to His Guys, we know that Duane Akina is one of Mack's Guys, and we know that Akina would really like to stay in Austin, if possible. It's too bad we missed out on Brian Van Gorder (BON profiled Van Gorder to replace Chizik last December), but as I mentioned last week, John Tenuta is still looking for work.

The problem? Tenuta is a DB Coach. If Mack Brown wants Tenuta, then Akina must go. One more reason Mack ought to go with Option C.