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First Look: TCU Box Score

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Yuck. AW's game report later tonight, but this one was ugly. For those wondering what AJ Abrams means to our scoring offense, please see above.

Other notes:

  • JD Lewis' one skill (supposedly) is shooting. Yet, he has never shot well in games for Texas. My math says we're left with zero skills.
  • 14 minutes for Ian Mooney? Sounds from the game thread like he did a couple nice things, but this speaks more to our terrifying lack of depth than anything else.
  • Wangmene and Chapman are doing something wrong; Rick's totally turned off.
  • 21 minutes, 5 points, 5 boards for Gary Johnson. No silver bullet just yet.
  • Great second half from DJ, and terrific overall game from Damion James.
  • We're not using Atchley enough.

I'll leave the rest for AW.