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Get Yer Nominations In

As one of the committee members administering the 2007 CFB Blogger Awards, it's my solemn duty to remind you people - bloggers and readers alike - to go make your nominations for this year's awards. A couple reminders:

First, use the nominating GIZMO. It's easy, it's fast, it makes tallying systematic.

Second, remember that readers and bloggers alike can nominate their favorites.

Third, remember that last year's winner in a given category cannot win this year. So don't nominate EDSBS for Funniest Blog, even though it is. Check the 2006 Trophy Case if you're unsure.

And finally, though I'll generally keep my preferences to myself, there's one category I'm gonna make sure I lobby loudly for: Best YouTube. It must, MUST go to CatLab. Chum's videos are astoundingly creative, subtly hilarious, and overtly crazy - and no one's even close to matching what he did in 2007. Make sure you take a few minutes to nominate his fine work.

If you missed Chum's Texas/BON tribute from earlier this year, enjoy:

See all of CatLab's videos here.