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Who's Your Longhorn Piñata?

Everyone's got a Longhorn piñata - that one player or coach to whom you administer a prostate exam after each play, each game. Some Longhorns are Hall of Fame piñatas, like our friend pictured to the right here, who must have felt thoroughly prison raped by the time he left campus. Our offensive coordinator (hell, every team's offensive coordinator) is a perennial piñata for the masses to beat.

But beyond the obvious scapegoats, most fans find a guy each season who they can't watch without seeing the bad in his play. Your piñata scores a touchdown? The defender obviously left him wide open. Hits the clutch three? "About frackin' time."

This is your thread to share with the rest of us your Longhorn piñatas over the years.

I'll give you a personal example to start this fiesta: Dusty Mangum. Strike one: his name was Dusty, which is fine for one of the Three Amigos but wholly inappropriate for a football player. Strike two: the girls who knew nothing about football absolutely loved him. Strike three: he celebrated like a damn Grammatica after hitting a 2nd quarter field goal against... Kansas. You're out, pal.

My contempt was so pronounced, in fact, that as Dusty Mangum's Rose Bowl-winning kick fluttered through to beat Michigan, I jumped around in celebration, then bad-mouthed our kicker for barely getting the damn ball through the uprights. Piñata!

Now it's your turn. Who are your Longhorn piñatas?