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Morning Coffee Wants To Tailgate

That's "4-0 Baylor" to you, sir. Last year's triple overtime thriller between Texas and Oklahoma State has a partner in the instant classic vault, joined now by last night's Baylor victory over A&M in five overtimes. There are two stories here: first, of course, is Baylor's arrival. Though neither Andrew nor I is overly surprised Baylor's playing great basketball - we both loved the Scott Drew hire - we certainly didn't foresee this team winning in College Station.

On the flipside is A&M, now 1-3 in conference. The Agros travel to Stillwater on Saturday to try to right the ship before a Wednesday showdown with the Longhorns in College Station. If self-destructing Aggies turns you on, go hither and enjoy.

Road trip? Speaking of Baylor, we're scrambling behind the scenes to put together an official BON Baylor road trip/tailgate at the Ferrell Center in Waco. 54b and I made this trip last year and had a whale of a time; this year, txtwster7 and AW are looking at the possibility of attending the February 16th contest in Waco.

What we need from you: there's a poll at the bottom of this story asking if you'd be able to attend should we put together an event. Please only respond if your interest is serious; we need to get some sort of idea how many Texas hoops fans might be wanting to get together.

Have balls. Will travel. Kirk Bohls notes in his exceedingly early '08 Top 25 that USC and Ohio State will play one another on September 13th, the season's premier non-conference matchup. Both teams are highly likely to be ranked in the top five. Whatever else you want to say about these two teams, credit each for putting this game together. The winner gets an early leg up in the race for a top two spot.

So that's how he lives with all the criticism. Greg Davis got a raise to match his salary with that of new defensive coordinator Will Muschamp. He'll make $425,000 to take the fall for every miscue next year. Major Applewhite is looking forward to getting credit for every success.