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The Five Biggest Surprises of 2007: #3 Chris Hall and Kyle Hix

You could make the argument that Chris Hall was a Team MVP - you really could. He's not the most talented player on the team - or even the offensive line - but in a turbulent year for Texas' big guys up front, he did everything a coach or fan could ask for. By season's end, Hall had played all five spots on the line, which is more or less unheard of. He wasn't perfect, but he was versatile, consistent, and immensely valuable.

And then there's Kyle Hix, who joined the 'Horns as a true freshman in 2007 as part of what was easily Mack Brown's best offensive line class since coming to Austin. That class included Tray Allen, the state's overall top prospect, but it was Hix who had worked his way into the starting lineup at right tackle by the Holiday Bowl. With Hix showing so much promise so quickly, the Longhorns look like they'll be in good shape on the offensive line next fall, and great shape by 2009.

2007's Five Biggest Surprises
5. Jared Norton
4. Nate Jones