Darrell Scott update..

As most of you know both teams have had In-home visits with Darrell this week.

Colorado held theres yesterday.  What may be news to some of you is that Dan Hawkins was not allowed to attend because he had already taken his in-home sometime back.

Scott told Orangebloods that we had widened our lead after Mack and Major's In-home.  But after CU's in-home the picture has become a little cloudy because Darrell is playing everything close to his vest even with those close to him.

  • Just received note that he knows who he is going to commit to but is going to make us wait until NSD for the announcement. -

A full report of both the visits will be posted in a little while on

So I suggest those of you with subscriptions get on over there to get a read on. Or troll the free boards for pieces of info that fall from the premiums!

PS; I have a premium subscription so I'll try to keep you guys posted but I'm afraid I will have to limit how much I can disclose.

PB, is most of this consistent with the info you are receiving?

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