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Feeding The Addiction: Spring Practice Buzz

It's time to put on your prognosticatory caps to discuss the spring practice buzz that's right around the corner. What's the spring practice buzz? It's that hum of information we'll be getting about the football team's workouts and light scrimmaging. "Chris Jessie is absolutely dominating the fumble drillz!"

How do I know that it's coming? Because I'll be one of the people buzzing, relaying all the juicy tidbits that leak out of practice for the hungry masses to consume. It will all feel very insider-y.

It will also be meaningless. Hell, the fall practice tidbits are never worth anything, either. This past year, I vividly recall hearing all about how Chykie Brown was ready to explode and Colt McCoy's arm strength had quintupled.

Even so, it's not like we're going to give up talking Texas and start, I dunno, working all day. Spring buzz is our first dose of offseason methadone, damnit.

So who you got? Predict which players and/or storylines we're going to be hearing as spring practice gets underway in a few weeks. I'll go first.

1. Christian Scott Texas needs a safety (really, we need two), so I'm expecting we'll be hearing all sorts of tidbits about the development of someone back there. Scott or Ben Wells is about to "look phenomenal."

2. Blaine Irby The desire for this kid to be a playmaker is utterly palpable. The spring scouting drool is around the corner.

Note: the following six players are all missing spring practice to injury: sophomore DE Eddie Jones (left shoulder); junior LB Sergio Kindle (to repair cartilage in right knee); senior DE Aaron Lewis (broken left clavicle); junior Ishie Oduegwu (left shoulder); junior OT Adam Ulatoski (left knee) and sophomore WR Montre Webber (to repair a right foot fracture).